Taurus Pack (Thursday Nights)


Welcome to our cub pack page and hope that you find this page of interest.

Let me take the opportunity to remind you of what scouting is all about. It’s aims are to actively engage and support young people in their personal development. This is achieved by enjoying what they are doing and having fun, take part in activities indoors and outdoors, undertake new and challenging activities and make and live by their promise.

We provide a safe, stimulating and happy environment conducive to achieving this. Our Leaders are dedicated to helping cubs get the most from their time with us and we work hard to help them achieve all their badges.

We run a host of activities featuring traditional scouting activities which include fire lighting, knot tying and communications, while we keep to the traditional scouting values we also like to do lots of adventurous activities like cooking, water sports – kayaking, canoeing and sailing, caving, Shooting, archery and lots more.

I hope you find this information of use and look forward to welcoming you into our pack.



Bethan Cowley


The Cub section is for girls and boys aged 8 to 10½ years.



Each age range has its own balanced programme of activities, tailored to the needs and interests of the children concerned, but all the programmes are based on the themes of outdoor and adventure, world and skills. They cover a huge range of activities, from outdoor and physical pursuits to community involvement, creative expression and learning about the wider world.

Activities are an integral part of Scouting but, as well as being challenging physically, our activities help young people set and achieve goals and grow in confidence. The older they get, the more input young people themselves have in their own activity selection.

The principal badges are either Challenge Awards (hexagonal badges worn on the front of the uniform), or Activity Badges (round ones, worn on the sleeve). The Challenge Awards support the main themes of the programme, requiring the young person to take part in various activities to develop their knowledge and skills. The most prestigious award is the Chief Scout’s Silver Award, which demonstrates Scouting achievement at the highest level for the respective section.

The Activity Badges cover a wide range of interests and are often obtained by a young person working outside of their section – for example if they have a personal interest in anything from art to winter sports. The requirements of most Activity Badges are set with regard to the age group concerned, but some, such as musician and swimming, are staged badges, with levels that may be achieved in any section, depending on the individual’s ability.

All the themes are delivered in a variety of interesting and challenging ways, however about half the time is centred on outdoor and adventure for, as Baden-Powell said, “Life without adventure would be deadly dull”.

Having said that, Scouting makes safety a priority. Activities are risk-assessed and those with a higher degree of risk (anything from abseiling to watersports) require the leader(s) to be suitably qualified and authorised. Leaders of camps and similar events also need to hold the appropriate permit.


The main awards / badges are:

  • 7 Challenge Awards, encompassing activities from art and entertainment, to helping in the community, to “traditional” skills of outdoor adventure.  Working towards one or more of these awards will make up much of the weekly programme.  Completion of 6 of these challenges will lead to the highest award in the Cub section, the Chief Scout’s Silver Award.
  • Activity Badges: these badges cater for almost any hobby, sport or interest.  Some we can cover in the programme, others will be an individual’s interest – anything from Book Reading to Martial Arts!  The requirements of these badges can be found in the library section of www.scouts.org.uk , or ask me.  I am quite happy to accept a teacher’s / instructor’s signature, with qualifications, on a copy of the requirements as evidence of the Cub’s competence.



LEADERS  –  Who’s Who?

Cub Scout Leader : Bethan Cowley (Akela)

Assistant Cub Scout Leader: Nabil Boulos (Bagheera)

Assistant Cub Scout Leader : Jason Phelps (Baloo)

Assistant Cub Scout Leader : Steve Wallis (Kaa)

Assistant Cub Scout Leader : Alicia Karpinska (Jacala)

Assistant Cub Scout Leader : Suzie Rawlins (Sahi)

Section Assistant : Rayne (Raksha)

Section Assistant : Alex Elliott(Hathi)

Young Leader : Joe (Rikki)

Leaders & Helpers

Scouting is a voluntary organisation so, contrary to the belief of some, leaders are not paid.  Neither, despite some evidence to suggest otherwise, are we saints or superhuman.  Many are Cub Leaders because we got a lot from Scouting in our youth and want to put something back in, others because they agree with the purpose and ideals of Scouting (and, lets face it, a weekend spent camping is more fun than cleaning the house!).

Uniformed leaders are responsible for running the programme in a section.  They have accepted the Scout Law and made the Promise, and are required to undertake the leaders’ training programme.

Helpers are just that, they agree with the Leader how much, and what sort of thing they can contribute.  Not everybody is happy to be up the front leading an activity.  Just as importantly we need adults to keep records, collect subscriptions, listen to the children as individuals, etc. Parents’ rotas are one way of providing the help that the Leader requires, but do not give the full, mutual benefit of meeting the children regularly.  If you are interested in helping regularly (and that does not necessarily mean every week) please speak to me.



New members are welcome but please first check that there isn’t a waiting list. For safety purposes, we will immediately require basic information, such as the address and ‘phone number of the parent or guardian. If the young person decides that Cub Scouting is for him/her we’ll need a bit more detail – a form will be provided.

If your child is looking to join please contact  E-mail taurus@21stromsey.co.uk or use the contact us page http://21stromsey.co.uk/cubs-enquiry-form/