Wood Beavers – Thursdays

Who You Will Join
As a Beaver Scout, you will have an exciting time and make lots of new friends. You will join other boys and girls aged between six and eight years old in a group which is called a Colony. You may even be as young as 5 years and 9 months. When you are 8 years old you will move up to the Cub Scout Pack.
You will wear a smart, colourful uniform which includes a turquoise sweatshirt and  your Scout Group’s own necker.

What You Will Do
Each week you will meet the other Beavers in your Colony for 1hours. You will enjoy a very wide range of activities like crafts, games, songs, stories, visits, visitors, and ceremonies organised by your Colony Leaders. You will also get the chance to enjoy some additional activities at a weekend such as walks, visits, sleepovers and fun days, different activities from ones you do in school.
As well as all the exciting things you will do in your Colony, there are a large number of activities that you can take part in with all the other Colonies in the Romsey district.

Your Badges
When you become a Beaver Scout, you will be presented with your first set of badges. These are the World Membership badge, the Romsey District’s badge, the Hampshire County badge and your Scout Group nametape.
As a Beaver Scout, you can earn lots more badges. These include:

  • Challenge Badges for doing lots of different activities
  • Activity Badges for doing special activities
  • Special Activity Badges which get changed as you get better at the activities
  • Joining In badge after each year spent in your Colony
  • Partnership Awards which you may do with other Scout Sections
  • The most important badge you can earn is the Chief Scout’s Bronze Award which shows that you have done lots of activities in your Colony and put a lot of work into them.
  • Then, when you move into Cubs you get your last badge, the Moving on Award.

The Beaver Scout Promise
As a Beaver Scout, you make a special Beaver Scout Promise:
I promise to do my best
To be kind and helpful
And to love God.

The Beaver Scout Motto
Be prepared

Members can view the current programme on OSM.  It is also available on the calendar of this website – select Beavers- Wood from the categories.  Note programme is subject to change depending on availability of external parties.