Members Information

This page is for existing members of 21st Romsey Scout Group.

The annual Trustee report for 2020-21 is here: 2020-21 Trustee report , and the Treasurer’s report and examined accounts for the year are here: 2020-21 Year-end examined accounts and Treasurer report FINAL

The annual Trustee report and examined accounts for 2019-20 are here:
2019-20 Trustee report & examined accounts

Information about the membership fees for 2021 – 2022 is available from the link below:
2021-22 Membership fees

Below is a link to a guide for parents, describing how to make payments to the group using OSM (Online Scout Manager) and GoCardless:
Parents guide to OSM payments v3.0

The document below defines expectations with regard to payment of membership fees and the procedure which will be followed in cases of non-payment:
non-payment procedure v1.2 (2021)

Data protection policy of the Group:
GDPR policy v 1.1 (2020)

Group Behaviour Policy, which describes the expectations and includes a broad guide on how concerns will be addressed:
Group Behaviour Policy v 1.0

Virtual meetings policy, rules and code of conduct, describing how virtual meetings will be conducted:
Virtual meetings policy v1.0

Covid-19 risk assessments:  The risk assessments for restarting face-to-face Scouting are available from the following page: Covid-19 risk assessments