Snowman Drive (Beetle Drive)

01/11/2014 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Elain Moles

Just like a beetle drive but with a snowman theme.

It is very fast paced and is for all ages so bring the family and invite some friends, anyone can play.


If you have not been to a Beetle Drive then here are some basics.


1. A number of tables are setout with 6+ people at each table.

2. Each Person has a piece of drawing paper

3. Each table has a dice

4. Each player in turn starting with the youngest first throws the dice, depending on the number thrown you draw a body part of the beetle (or in this case snowman) However you need the important part to start which requires a 6.

5. Once you have thrown the dice you draw your body part if you get the appropriate number and then pass the dice. If you dont throw the appropriate number you pass the dice.

6. The first person to complete their beetle / snowman raises their hand and shouts Beetle / Snowman.

7. Everyone else stops throwing/drawing and then total their body parts up 1 point generally for each part.

8. The highest score will move up a table. The lowest score moves down a table.

9. At the end of the evening there will be prizes for the highest score and lowest score.