Target Sprint 2019 – year 5

Target Sprint 2019 was an exciting Rifle event, for ages 12+(your never to old to join just too young). Running all day on may 11th & 12th. It was the fifth competition hosted by 21st Romsey Scouts. On the days that they took place. 48 took part in the actual competition.  if you were not shooting  you could have brought some money and come buy something and shoot with us! the Explorers took over the kitchen to make refreshments for everyone , that was for project 19, swiss adventure 2020. You always have next year to donate to our adventures!

3 of our Draco Explorers represented 21st in the youth women’s category and youth mens made it to the nationals. Bethan Cowley with the time of 9.42, Cassi Elliott with the time of 9.05 and Matthew Batchelor with the time of 6.59. we are so proud of them!

Target Sprint is a competition with knock down targets next to the knock down targets is a sighting target to sight your gun. you have a 10 meter distance to shoot and 49.5 millimetre target.