Our Scout Trip to the Isle Of Wight


To start our trip, we went on a Ferry to the Isle Of Wight. Luckily, the ride was very smooth so we weren’t seasick. By the time we had drove to the campsite it was around 10.30pm. When all the sleeping bags were set down and everyone was settled it got to about 11.30. In the morning, we had breakfast and started putting up tents! We put up a patrol tent, a store tent and a miniature tent for all of us.

Later that day, we went for a walk down the seashore. During the outing, we had a challenge to find certain items along the path. The next day we went to Carisbrooke Castle where we went in groups around the place exploring the history and importance.

Later on that week, after many S’mores, we went to Robins Hill and nearly got sick on the swinging pirate ship! The explorers managed to get on the toboggan run and said it was great fun! Some of us even managed to go inside a hot air balloon!

We also went to Osborne House and saw all the different paintings; they were very intriguing to look at and admire!

When we went to the town to do another challenge, we went to Sainsburys so we could get some ingredients for a cooking evening and we lost.

That’s all the time we have, goodbye!