Wood Colony’s Spring Programme

Date               Programme

11th Jan         Log chew – You Shape badge
(part of skills, creative)

13th Jan        Panto – Romsey 2pm

18th Jan        Scrap heap challenge (part of skills, creative)

25th Jan       Knots (part of camp craft)

1st Feb          Health & Fitness (part of other badge work)

8th Feb         Pancakes and pancake race (part of other badge work)

Half Term

23rd Feb       Fencing – If we are unable to book this we will do a                                Games night (also badge review)

1st Mar         Disability (part of disability awareness badge)

8th Mar        Communicator (personal badge)

15th Mar      Hike local area need extra parent helpers(hikes,                                     explore)

22nd Mar   pottery night (part of skills, creative)

29th Mar    Campfire and Easter egg hunt (part of camp badge)