Endeavour Scouts Learn Judo

This Last Friday 4th May our Endeavour Scouts down at 21st Romsey took their first steps on their path to becoming Jedi!

By Jedi I mean Martial arts Practitioners in the art of the ‘gentle way’, known by most as Judo. Our boys and girls in the troop were all engaged and looked like they were enjoying the session more than Chewbacca loves to make that wookie sound! Here’s hoping it has encouraged a few of them to carry on with the sport and take up a new hobby!

The poster above contains unedited photo’s where you can actually see a manifestation of the force being used!


correction: It isn’t Star Wars sorry, I got carried away. The poster above is a true to life (as much as possible) representation of the actual events that occurred on the night.




Correction two: Ok ok, I got very carried away with the whole Japanese storybook (Manga) idea. It is actually Fictional.


May the 4th be with you!

Our thanks go out to Southampton City Judo Club and Lance for coming along and hosting the evening.

Further details about the judo club can be located on the following links

Southampton Judo and Fleming Park Judo

Jedi Master  Assistant Scout Leader


Martial arts night