British Shooting Targetsprint National Series Finals 2017

The finals were held in Yate at the outdoor sports complex and the competition fierce.  The fastest recorded time of the day being 4 minutes 47 seconds with some exceptional shooting and running from the athletes.

Shooting at the Finals in Yate. After qualifying at the competition held at 21st in May. From 21st Romsey Scouts we had Connor Saunders and Matthew Batchelor  & From Draco Explorers Sophia & Jasmin Elliott all shot and ran well. Connor managing 17th with a time of 8m26s and Matthew 13th with a time of 7m15s. Sophia narrowly missing out on the final in 11th place with a time of 8m6s. Jasmin reaching the finals with a time of 7m32s. In the final Jasmin improved on her heat performance with some excellent shooting and a 100m sprint to the finish line shoulder to shoulder with another competitor beating the competitor to 6th position with a time of 6m32s just 1 second ahead of the 7th position athlete. A Great day with great achievements by all. Well done.

We look forward to next year’s competition on 12th May 2018 at 21st which is planned to be a qualifier for the National Series once again. Also being planned is a GB Team Pre selection event on 7th April at Southampton Sports Centre to be run by the Targetsprint crew from 21st Romsey see the targetsprint website for more details.. Other events are being run around the country between now and next year including more team qualifying events see British shooting website for more details.