Winter Camp 2014 – Great Time

Everyone had a great time at winter camp.

It started with a blind drop night hike in the forest. 1 team completed, the other found their way back to the start, the weather was not so favorable and a bridge that was meant to be crossed was under water.
Back at HQ the following day, there was a pioneering challenge where members of each team found themselves 1. only able to use 1 arm (Hollie & Colin), and blindfolded (Drew & Scott). Even though Drew was blindfolded he still managed through the small gap beneath the blindfold to 1. Continue his lashings and 2. catch Laurens ankle when the frame collapsed thus Saving Lauren from plunging into the abyss. the scouts all had a go at cooking on trangia’s for lunch and open fires for dinner. The next morning after clearing the tents etc we had some games, soft archery, curling, connect 4 & Jenga. A few pictures below.