Ian Logan Retires from Scouting

Ian has been involved with our Scout Group since 1981, when with two of his boys enrolled and a third on the waiting list, he was persuaded to sort out the broken windows and doors of the old Scout hut, and to help with map reading badge work and much else. Soon joining the Executive Committee and becoming HQ maintenance officer, he also organised fund raising walks, managed the Senior Citizen’s Xmas party for several years, was deeply involved in the design and building of the present HQ and was even the acting GSL (non- uniformed) for a short while during a difficult period for the Group when he and fellow long-timer Les Mildon kept things going despite low numbers and few leaders. An Air Scout for a while in his youth, Ian says it has been a great honour to have been involved again for so long. Asked about the highlights of his time with the 21st he replies – creosoting the old hut ( needed every year to stop it falling down !) ; muddy combined family camps/AGM at Packridge Farm, Toothill ; trying to explain many times to his wife, Sue (one of the founder leaders of our Beavers) why he spent so much time at the HQ; all the great people he has met through Scouting; and lots of fun, laughter and …. mud.

As a thank you to Ian a token gift was given to him being a multitool and there was also a cake to mark the occasion.Ianlogan1 IanLogan2