Elements District Camp – May 2013

The Elements District Camp – Fire Subcamp

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The Scouts, Cubs and Beavers were very well behaved and interacted together well.

Activities on Camp were:
Tai Chi, Fencing, Zorbing, Air Rifle Shooting, Archery, Segway, Graffiti, conservation,
Shelterbox, African Drumming, Caving, Canoeing, Injury makeup and not to forget the Woggle Wall.

Thanks go out to all the Leaders & Helpers as without their involvement these types of
events could not take place. We also thank the weather!


  1. A great big thank you to all that took part in this camp. What a brilliant weekend!!!! Thank you to all the Cub leaders and helpers that were there making it an easy weekend.

  2. The district camp was absolutely amazing I think that everyone from 21st definitely had a good time and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I think that all of us amazing scouts (Sophia, Lauren, Jazz, Abby, James, Robbie, Hollie and all those others) were absolutely the best when it came to the disco on the Sunday night and we all showed off our amazing scoutyness!! Also thanks and well done to all of those leaders that came along and helped out, and to the cubs and beavers that came along, we were amazing thanks everyone for a good time!

  3. I really enjoyed my first camp. My favourite thing was sleeping in the tent and all the activities that we did with the other Beavers, especially when I went caving with my cousin.

    Thank you very much for letting us go!

  4. District camp was AMAZING!!! All the scouts got to do loads of fun activities like segways but one of the best things was the disco at the end of each day. 21st were the ones who carried on dancing to the very end but were also quite tired the next morning. However we did manage to get the energy to carry on with all our activities. Not only did we have fun, we majorly contributed to the woggle wall
    (sophia,jazz,james,abby and lauren especially.) thanks to the leaders for a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. District Elements camp was fantastic. It was great to see all sections, trying new activities and making friends. I was impressed with the excellent behaviour and politeness shown by all members of the 21st. They sure know how to dance…

    A special mention has to go to the marvelous kitchen crew: Katrina Batchelor, Peter Foster, Terry Elliott and Peter Merrin and my heartfelt thanks has to go to David Bowers, Terry Elliott and Peter Merrin for their help in errecting the Marquee.

    Througout the whole weekend the 21st showed what scouting was about: Teamwork, adventurous activities, friendship and having fun. Well done 21st Romsey!

  6. Had a great time on camp, enjoyed spending the time with all the other Leaders and all of the Cubs, Scouts and Beavers who were extremely well behaved and a credit to 21st.

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