Group Jubilee Party – 26/05/12


70 members of the Group made up of Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Leaders and the Exec attended the Group Jubilee Party on a very Sunny and Hot day. They were split into three teams and then took part in three different activities. These were as follows:-


A Beaver base where tattoos were applied to arms, scratch pictures were done as well as bookmarks and Union flag windmills were made


A Cub base where the Groups had to feel items which had been put into socks and hung on bush


A Scout base which involved balancing on a pole bridge and flacking an opponent with a piece of piping insulation in order to knock them off.


After the bases were finished, the Group sat down to afternoon tea which included Hot dogs, crisps, snacks and small cake. The members then were all given a Jubilee medal to celebrate the event after which a Jubilee Celebration Cake was cut and everyone had a piece.