Diggers Day 29th September 2012

Each year Romsey District Scouts hold Digger’s Day in memory of Peter Digby, ADC Scouts, who passed away due to cancer.  He left a legacy which Romsey Scouts & Guides use to keep his passion for adventurous activities alive.  Over the years the Scouts & Guides have been caving, dragon-boating, rafting, climbing, shooting, street sports and even wind tunnel flying.

This year’s Digger’s Day was a Water Day on Saturday 29th September. The weather during the week had not been promising, but all 30 Scouts and Guides from Romsey District arrived to a lovely bright and sunny morning at 25th Southampton City Sea Scouts HQ, near the Itchen Bridge.  Some had kayak experience, but most were there to try something new!

The Scouts & Guides all went out on the river to try kayaking, canoeing and rowing.  To start with there were a few uncertain faces, however after a few minutes getting used to the vessels there was quite a lot of messing around on the water!  After lunch it was time for the highlight of the day – Bath Tub Racing! Not so much racing against each other as racing against the water – bath tubs apparently are not the most watertight vessels in which to sail.  There was a great deal of laughter, some very wet Scouts & Guides and the safety boats took their revenge and spent most of their time helping the water in too!

Every Scout and Guide that took part had huge smiles on their faces – so a massive thank you to Tina for organising, the Romsey Guide & Scout Leaders who came along to help on the water or on the shore and to the Leaders from 25th Southampton City Sea Scouts.  We are very grateful for their huge support and assistance in running this brilliant day for Romsey Scouts and Guides.