HQ Work Party 29/03/2009

Big thank you to Pam Hatt, Randell Mckay, Stephen McCann, Trish Harris, Gareth, Joseph, Colin and David who joined me on the Work Party on Sunday 29 March. The kitchen, table store, stairwell and hidden floor areas were thoroughly cleaned; cobwebs sorted; the gas cage painted; the gutters cleaned out (thanks Stephen – a really messy task); the channel drains cleaned; the spiky boundary bushes tied back; the grass cut; weeds pulled; campfire seating washed and progess was made with the new fenced storage area for firewood/building stuff.

More work inside and out is need to ensure we have a clean, safe environment for all users – join me on Sunday 19 April for Work Party Two. See HQ parents notice board or phone me for details. Ian Logan 02380737442. PS – BBQ lunch included.